Monday, 26 June 2017

Almost There

Today we stepped into our new home! But we cannot move in yet as it’s still being worked on. So much is already done – extra solar panels on top, bike racks on, lots of compliance certificates arranged, satellite dish and mobile signal booster for the internet installed, etc. They still have some work to do on it, including a railing for the awning, and I think one of the extra water tanks is still to go underneath.

It was great to see it though. We’re really happy with the way it looks, and we get to move in next Wednesday. We’ve had so many ongoing delays, it seems a bit risky to actually state a date, but we plan to travel over to the Mount and pick it up that afternoon.

After we've settled in, we’re heading back to Taranaki for our granddaughter’s birthday, then back up to Hamilton for a couple of mini “house-warmings” with friends. Then we will head off over the hill . . .  finally!

We did buy the house I referred to in my last post. Now we need to find some tenants. There’s a bit of maintenance to take care of as well but nothing major.

And there's a wee bit of a sea view. Try to ignore the wires!

So if you know of anyone wanting to rent a house in Bell Block, please let us know.


  1. Congratulations on buying another house - all the best finding some great tenants. And so exciting about your rig. looks flash.

  2. 5th wheeler looking awesome. You will be looking forward to getting teething issues sorted and getting on the road. Safe travels and have fun exploring our beautiful country.

  3. The 5th wheeler looks amazing, as does the house.


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