Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Sold! Our house sold last week and we have until the end of the month to vacate. The auction went well with about six buyers in the room, although not all of them were bidding. We were happy with the outcome.

Someone decided to vandalise the “sold” sign—since taking this photo it was destroyed. Or perhaps it was the wild weather we had over the weekend.

Just prior to the auction we went across to Tauranga to have a look at a fifth wheeler that had come in from Australia and was very like ours.

 Not alike enough to show you any inside photos, but similar to this one.

Sadly, ours will not be available now until about mid-April, so we need to find somewhere to stay for two to three weeks. Favourite EX-favourite son suggested a dishwasher box under a bridge… He is fortunate to be living on the other side of the world or we could be arriving on his doorstep. At that distance I expect he feels safe. Neither of us slept much the night of the auction thinking about where we might end up, and I’m also thinking about the fact that I need to have internet access and ability to work! Our sister-in-law came to the rescue once again. Bless her. Says we are welcome to stay with them, so unless the place where we’re buying the fifth wheeler pulls a rabbit out of the hat, come first April, that’s where we’ll be for a little while. 

Last Friday Dave brought home our new Ranger. Barely fits in the garage – it seems HUGE! But we need something big to tow our new home, and this one ticked the boxes. It’s a 4-wheel drive so should be able to pull us out of any sticky situation. It’s also automatic, which makes things easier. We are adding tinted windows and a few other useful bits and pieces. It was going back into the shop this week for these extras to be added, but the air con in my Citroen has been playing up, so things are a bit delayed while we sort that one out. After both vehicles are all done, it'll be off to Tauranga to get the hitch fitted.  

Step by step, it will happen.