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Desperately Seeking Sleep – Is Your RV Mattress Too Firm?

They tell me that it takes a few weeks (months?) for a firm mattress to soften  . . . following use. Really? The mattress in our rig was so firm it almost felt like I was sleeping on the floor. It said it was good for backs, but it certainly wasn't good for me. I would toss and turn all night, trying to find a comfortable spot. And then it got to where each time I turned over, trying to get comfortable, I’d find my hips were already sore in that spot also! So what to do? 

 See how thin this mattress is. Only about 12-13cm deep.

Seek Advice
I went on Google. I trolled the Motorhome Friends Facebook page. I asked friends. We visited bed shops and questioned shop assistants. We concluded that the solution most likely to solve our problem was a new mattress. We would need to get one specially made as our current mattress space was the width of a queen bed, but quite a bit shorter. After the “experts” checked out our rig, they told us that a new mattress would not be able to fit through our door and manoeuvre around to position where we needed it to be without damaging the springs. Very disappointing! An alternative was a latex mattress; however, they were both very heavy and very expensive.

Feather Topper
It appeared toppers were our only option, and as a result, we purchased a lovely feather topper and popped it onto the mattress. I was looking forward to a great sleep that night. Dave was fine. He couldn’t see what was wrong with the mattress before! Sadly, although it was nice and cosy and DID make a difference, the difference was too little. The firm mattress won through, and I was still in pain.

Foam Topper Pads
Several people had suggested a foam topper pad and I’d originally rejected this idea as it seemed too simple. My mattress was far too firm for a simple foam topper pad. Time to reconsider. We purchased a foam topper pad—one of those ones that looks like the tray you put eggs into—and put in under the feather topper. I tried to convince myself that, yes, it had made a difference. But no, not enough. Sore hips were still a constant reminder that our mattress was still too firm for me. I was beginning to wonder if it was all in my head. The Princess and the Pea comparison was mentioned. Once.

Friends suggested a second topper pad. They had one we could borrow to see if it helped. This would save us spending still more money on something that did not work. Thanks, Garth and Helen! Onto the firm mattress it went between the other topper pads and it was test time again. I was willing myself to believe that this had solved the problem. I was sleeping better. Yes, I believe I truly was! But occasionally, I would still wake with sore hips.

It felt like we were getting closer and closer to the top of our rig every time we added another layer. The image of The Princess and the Pea was in my mind, and so I was determined to tough it out. Surely I would get used to this mattress, or maybe it would soften over time as people said it would.

Family Wisdom
One day I was talking with our daughter and admitted that all we had done to try to make the firm mattress softer did not appear to have been successful. I told her we couldn’t get a new mattress made for us as they couldn’t fit one into the rig without damaging it.

“Why don’t you get two singles made?” She asked. “And lay them side by side.” I stared at her, wondering why we had never thought of this! How did we ever manage to have such a clever daughter?

I was reluctant to spend more money on this problem and was prepared to wait longer, hoping for things to come right. But one day, Dave suggested we go check out some beds at Beds R Us in New Plymouth and so we measured up and paid them a visit. We walked out of there having ordered two new, made-to-order single mattresses.

New Mattresses
Last week our new mattresses arrived! We easily managed to get them into the rig, positioned them in place, put our feather topper and mattress protector over the top (to hold it all together) and prayed that it would all be enough. See how much thicker/deeper they are than the old one?

That night? Bliss. I have not had a sore hip since. The fact that they are deeper and we are closer to the roof has not proven to be a problem. The duvet fits better, too. It hangs down the sides and finishes as it hits the floor. Before, it spilled onto where you walked. Now there is more space to walk down the sides. No, they were not cheap. But sleep is important, and I have no regrets. VERY happy with our new mattress (mattresses). Getting a full night’s quality sleep is worth every dollar! 

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